ONYX Flexible-arm Portable Magnification Camera

“The ONYX Flexible-arm model fits my needs to a T. With it, I can continually change my attention from signs and calendars located across the room, to applications and papers on my desk, to the tabs on the files in my filing cabinets, and back again so quickly and easily. The Auto Focus feature is great because it means I don’t have to change settings when I move the camera back and forth. I just point the camera at what I need to see, and I get a clear magnified image.

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Positioning Options for Any Task

The ONYX® Flexible-arm camera can be configured in any number of adjustable positions to accommodate almost any viewing need – even working with three-dimensional objects. The camera delivers magnification up to 100x the original size (based on a 20-inch screen) and provides three distinct viewing options: distance, document, and a self-view with a true mirror image.

With a total extended reach of up to 32 inches and the ability to rotate on any of four axes, the ONYX Flexible-arm is both a long-distance magnifier and a fine-detail magnifier, all in one lightweight and portable low vision tool.

The Features of the ONYX Flexible-arm Include:

  • Four high-contrast modes: color, inverse color, enhanced black on white, and enhanced white on black
  • Omni-directional articulating arm
  • Brightness adjustments to eliminate glare and enable viewing in low-light environments
  • Masking and Reading Lines
  • Find Feature
  • Focus Lock
  • Freeze Frame
  • Position Sensor memorizes your settings in each viewing mode
  • RF remote control
  • Detachable camera
  • Universal 110-240 volt power supply
  • Magnification up to 100x, based on a 20-inch screen

ONYX Flexible-arm Data Sheet (PDF)

ONYX Flexible-arm in a kitchen, magnifying a recipe

Quick and Seamless Adaptability

The ONYX Flexible-arm easily connects to any VGA monitor or NTSC TV, transforming it into a powerful and flexible video magnifier. With its easy-to-use RF remote control, there is no need to touch the camera once you have it aimed correctly, providing you with freedom of movement and a perfectly balanced image. 

Goes Wherever You Need It to Be

The adjustable locking clamp fits easily on a desk or table’s edge and requires very little surface space. Move it quickly from one work station to another or from room to room.

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ONYX Flexible-arm Pricing for U.S. Customers

ONYX Flexible-arm: $1,795

ONYX Flexible-arm XY Reading Table with Mount: $248

ONYX One-year Product Maintenance Agreement: $220

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