SARA CE - Scanning and Reading Appliance

“We arranged for (my father-in-law) to be introduced to the SARA CE and expected a steep learning curve, but he understood functions, commands and overall capabilities within only minutes ... his largest grin in a year occurred when he could once again "read" his utility bill! The company representative provided calm, capable and extraordinary service to be certain a new machine could be made available and set up while we visited over a holiday. His manner indicated personal care for and involvement with all of his clients. Freedom Scientific has top design, engineering, myriad combinations of hard and software choices, as well as exceptional overall representation, training, and service. No one could ask for more. ”

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Freedom Scientific’s SARA™ CE (Scanning And Reading Appliance, Camera Edition) is the next-generation self-contained scanning and reading appliance for the blind and those with low vision.

The SARA CE is simple to use. Just place a printed page under the camera, and the SARA CE instantly starts reading it to you with RealSpeak® human-sounding speech. No computer experience is needed. You don’t even need to push a button to read almost any printed material – books, magazines, mail, and more. The camera automatically senses when a new page is presented.

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Packed with Features

A built-in keypad with brightly-colored tactile keys provides access to a wealth of additional features. Pause reading, move forward and backward, or hear a word spelled out. Change the reading speed and volume. Select a different voice. Scan and read in one of 16 languages. Change the scanning mode to capture bound books, and save them on the 160GB hard drive or a USB thumb drive. Read one of the 222 classic novels that come already installed.

The SARA CE talks you through each step with audible menus. There is even built-in Help and an audible onboard user manual.

Low Vision Features

  • Connect a monitor to access the customizable low vision features
  • Increase the text size
  • Change text and background colors
  • Add more space between letters
  • Highlight words as they are spoken.

GSA Schedule Contract #GS-35F-0265X
GSA Information

The SARA CE reading a magazine page and displaying text on a monitor


Fast, Automatic Page Capture

In automatic mode, the SARA CE senses motion, so it knows to snap an image whenever you turn a page. Place your paperback novel sideways, and the SARA CE will snap two pages at a time. You can keep turning pages and capturing images while the SARA CE reads to you.

With ABBYY FineReader® added to the OmniPage® OCR engine, the SARA CE has the fastest print to speech conversion yet.

Built-in Braille Support

Additional option to use Braille. Just connect one of our portable Braille displays — such as the Focus or a PAC Mate™ Portable Braille Display — to the USB port of the SARA CE, and documents can be read in Braille in addition to speech.

More SARA CE Features

  • Save files stored on USB thumb drives
  • Option to continue scanning the next page while
    reading the first
  • Supports scanning and reading in multiple languages
    and additional dialects
  • Opens a variety of file types from USB
  • Independent keyboard Help for document reading,
    menus, dialogs, and playing audio books

Read the SARA CE data sheet (PDF)

SARA Pricing for U.S.Customers

SARA CE Scanning and Reading Appliance: $1,895

SARA CE Scanning and Reading Appliance with 19" monitor: $2,295

SARA CE Scanning and Reading Appliance with 22" monitor: $2,495

SARA CE one-year Product Maintenance Agreement (PMA): $190

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