StreetTalk™ VIP
GPS for the PAC Mate Omni™

Navigation tool for the visually impaired

Take StreetTalk VIP for a ride, a walk, vacation, a business trip, or a jaunt to your nearest take-out restaurant, metro station, or ATM. Paired with a GPS receiver and PAC Mate Omni, StreetTalk VIP is a route-savvy travel companion for the visually impaired as well as a real-time exploration guide that provides information in Braille or through speech announcements.

With millions of Points of Interest included, discover new places to explore and visit – dining establishments, banks, parks – whatever is near your route. Save turn-by-turn directions to get there by vehicle or as a pedestrian. You might even print, emboss, beam, or e-mail your routes to other users. Switch to Virtual Mode and explore the map as though you were a pedestrian, with cross streets, distances, direction and Points of Interest announced as you virtually move around the map – a great way to get familiar with new surroundings before actually venturing out.

While traveling, StreetTalk VIP announces each maneuver in speech or Braille. Check your bearing, speed, distance traveled, and distance to your destination. StreetTalk VIP is a snap to use with intuitive menus as well as shortcut keystrokes to go right to the information you want.

Want to travel where the roads don’t go, or mark your favorite shortcuts? Create your own route by dropping “breadcrumbs” as you travel with StreetTalk VIP. You can recall the route at any time and travel it in either direction.

Enjoy true ease and freedom in mobility

Install StreetTalk VIP in your PAC Mate Omni, pop in a CompactFlash® (CF) card containing your maps, and you're off. StreetTalk VIP can be used with a choice of many popular Bluetooth® GPS receivers. With Bluetooth, the receiver can be placed up to 30 feet from the user – on a window sill, the rear deck of a car, or even on a guide dog harness – so you aren't tethered to a lot of cables or special straps.

Read the StreetTalk VIP Data Sheet (PDF)

StreetTalk VIP Pricing for U.S. Customers

StreetTalk VIP with one country map on disk: $1,499

Bluetooth GPS receiver: $149

Socket Bluetooth card for PAC Mate Omni: $155

StreetTalk Bundle - application, maps on disk, GPS receiver, and Bluetooth® card: $1,799

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GSA Schedule Contract #GS-35F-0265X
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Woman walking with a guide dog and carrying a PAC Mate (with StreetTalk loaded) in a shoulder bag


  • Vehicular routing
  • Pedestrian routing
  • Millions of Points of Interest with phone numbers and addresses
  • Announces cross streets
  • Explore maps in Virtual Mode
  • Save, print, emboss, or e-mail routes

StreetTalk is an aid to orientation. It is not intended as a substitute for standard mobility aids such as a cane, sighted companion or guide dog. Please observe ordinary caution when walking, especially when vehicles are present.