PAC Mate Omni

“I am a thirty-two-year-old teacher of the visually impaired and have been blind, but with a degree of useable vision, since birth. The PAC Mate™ is one of the best accessibility products that I have ever used. I asked many of my blind co-workers for their advice or opinions, and the PAC Mate was their overwhelming recommendation. The decision to get it has been one of the best that I could have ever made! ”
- Jaimie - Gaffney, South Carolina

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The Ultimate Mobile Computing Solution for the Blind

The PAC Mate Omni provides users with a host of productivity tools that enables them to access virtually every application that sighted users of mainstream PDAs enjoy. The PAC Mate Omni runs Mobile versions of popular Microsoft Office applications and seamlessly synchronizes with your desktop computer. Your e-mail, contacts, appointments, files, tasks, and even Web favorites are effortlessly updated every time you connect. It all happens in the background while you use your PC or PAC Mate. The versatile PAC Mate Omni meets the on-the-go needs of users at work, at school, and at play, with everything from word processing to spreadsheets, to mobile Web access.

The PAC Mate Omni is powered by Windows Mobile®6.0. With full support for soft keys in Windows Mobile products, the PAC Mate Omni enables you to install and easily operate a variety of off-the-shelf third-party Windows Mobile applications that offer keyboard support.

Get Started in a Flash

Turn on the PAC Mate, and you'll immediately notice the familiar look, feel, and sound of JAWS®, the world’s most popular screen reading software. The PAC Mate Omni comes loaded with context-sensitive Help features to get you up and running quickly with pre-installed Mobile versions of Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, Calendar, Outlook, Inbox, Contacts, Internet Explorer, and Windows Media Player.

Combine with Other Solutions for PAC Mate

Use the Highlight feature to mark important passages of a document for later reference and to quickly navigate within your document. You also can insert comments in a document and have those comments remain hidden or be announced during document review. You can even export Highlights and Comments to new documents.

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A  woman carrying a PAC Mate BX420, in front of a metro escalator. Inset with pictures of the PAC Mate BX400 and QX400

Choose Your Braille Option

The PAC Mate Omni is available in six models: speech only; with 20 cells of Braille; or with 40 cells of Braille. BX series models have a Perkins-style keyboard, and QX series models offer a laptop-style QWERTY keyboard for data input. You can order the speech-only unit now, and add one of our modular PAC Mate Portable Braille Displays later if you desire.

PAC Mate with 20-cell Braille display, showing the display detached from the PAC Mate

Shown: PAC Mate Omni QX400 with a 20-cell detachable PAC Mate Portable Braille Display.

PAC Mate Pricing for U.S. Customers

PAC Mate BX400 and QX400: $995

PAC Mate BX420 and QX420 (with 20-cell Braille display): $2,390

PAC Mate BX440 and QX440 (with 40-cell Braille display): $3,690

PMA for BX or QX series PAC Mate: $175 annually at the time of the initial product purchase $225 annually after the initial product purchase

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