Past Newsletters

Please note: Freedom Scientific provides this archived list of our newsletters so readers can easily refer to back issues for valuable information. As with any archived list of electronic documents, some of the links in the articles may have changed or no longer exist. Error messages may be encountered.

@Freedom Scientific, October-November 2013
Feature Articles: Dr. Abraham Nemeth: In Memoriam; JAWS 15 Public Beta Released; Vision Awareness Days; PLEXTALK Version 6 Now Available; News from the Training Department; FSCast Features Eric Damery Talking About JAWS 15; FSCast Features New Freedom Scientific CEO John Blake

@Freedom Scientific, August-September 2013
Feature Articles: Free Training Sessions and New Products a Hit at Summer Conferences; JAWS 15 Preview; MAGic 12 Enhancements and Competitive Upgrade; GEM 5.0 with Support for Windows 8, Dual Monitors, and More; U.S. Department of Education Supports Braille Literacy; FSCast Features Jim Bond, Australian with Learning Disabilities

@Freedom Scientific, June-July 2013
Feature Articles: Join Freedom Scientific at the NFB and ACB Annual Conventions; JAWS and MAGic at Sight Village in Birmingham, UK; FSCast Features Luis Peña, Blind Clinical Psychologist in Colombia; TypeAbility FREE Webinar on June 26

@Freedom Scientific, May 2013
Feature Articles: Freedom Scientific at the AARP Expo in Las Vegas; OpenBook and WYNN Now Support Windows 8 with New Update; FSCast Features Karen McCall Discussing Microsoft Office 2013; Word 2013 Webinar Archive Now Available; Tips from the Training Department

@Freedom Scientific, March-April 2013
Feature Articles: Free MAGic 12 Update; MAGic 12 Competitive Upgrade Extended Through April 30th; Sneak Peek of JAWS 15 at CSUN; FSCast Features the Focus 80 Blue, WYNN 7

@Freedom Scientific, January-February 2013
Feature Articles: Focus 80 Blue Refreshable Braille Display Announced; February JAWS Hotfix Released; Join Freedom Scientific at CSUN 2013; News from the Training Department; WYNN Scores with the Wagner Family; FSCast Features iTunes, JSay, SayMAGic, Music Software (Part 2)

@Freedom Scientific, November-December 2012
Feature Articles: JAWS Made the Difference for Blind Author; MAGic 12 Competitive Upgrade; JAWS 14 December Hotfix Now Available; MAGic 12 Hotfix Released; Join Freedom Scientific at ATIA Orlando 2013; News from the Training Department; WYNN 7 Gets Rave Reviews; FSCast Features Amy Bower, Mary Beth Kullen, iTunes 11

@Freedom Scientific, September-October 2012
Feature Articles: MAGic 12 is Released, Competitive Upgrade Available; JAWS 14 is Now Released; Introducing WYNN 7, a New Generation of Educational Support; Focus 14 Blue Fully Supported by iOS 6; News from the Training Department; FSCast Features Flexible Web and Cheryl Echevarria

@Freedom Scientific, July-August 2012
Feature Articles: MAGic 12 Raises the Bar for Screen Magnification; JAWS 14 Public Beta Cycle About to Begin; GEM 4.0 Now Shipping - Offers OCR with OpenBook; The Focus of Attention at the Conventions; From the Training Department; FSCast Features FSCast Features Sue Martin, JAWS 14

@Freedom Scientific, May-June 2012
Feature Articles: Hear TOPAZ Read Aloud with OpenBook; New Portable Braille Displays – Smaller and Lighter Than Ever; JAWS May Hotfix; Join Freedom Scientific at the NFB and ACB Conventions; From the Training Department; FSCast Features New Focus Braille Displays, Designing Web Sites Totally Blind, JAWS and Windows 8, MAGIC 12

@Freedom Scientific, March-April 2012
Feature Articles: Praise for the High Definition TOPAZ; New Features, Lower Prices for ONYX; Updated SAPPHIRE Handheld Video Magnifier; JAWS Hotfix; From the Technical Support Department; WYNN Wins an eSchool News Readers Choice Award; Join us for a Vision Awareness Day; FSCast Features Gretchen Preston and Freedom Scientific in the Community

@Freedom Scientific, January-February 2012
Feature Articles: Limited Time: High Definition TOPAZ XL HD Price Same as Standard Definition; JAWS 13 February Update Available; Join Freedom Scientific at the 2012 CSUN Conference for Presentations, Demonstrations, and Prizes; From the Technical Support Department: Input in Contracted Braille with JAWS BrailleIn; New Webinars and Hands-on Workshops for the Second Quarter; How Do You Inservice a Large District?; FSCast Features Cake Talking with Sonar

@Freedom Scientific, November/December 2011
Feature Articles: New TOPAZ XL High Definition Video Magnifier Line; JAWS 13 December Update Available; Save $250 on all ONYX Deskset XL Models; Join Freedom Scientific at ATIA Orlando; New Free and Paid Webinars; Hands-On Workshops Posted for 2012; Teacher Has High Praise for WYNN; FSCast Features iOS5 and Focus 40 Blue, Timothy Risby, Bill McCann

@Freedom Scientific, September/October 2011
Feature Articles: JAWS 13 is Released; New RUBY Features Faster Reading Plus Image Storage; Lower Prices on PAC Mate Omni and PAC Mate Braille Displays; Promotional Pricing Extended; Join Freedom Scientific at ATIA Chicago for Presentations, Prizes, and More; New Low Pricing on Webinars; JAWS 13 Basic Training is Released; Acadia University WYNNS with Literacy Software and Universal Design for Learning; FSCast Features JAWS 13, BlindTunes, Rhapsody Blind

@Freedom Scientific, July/August 2011
Feature Articles: Freedom Scientific Congratulates the 2011 Braille Challenge Winners; JAWS 12 August Update; OpenBook Update; New Training Webinars and Workshops; Contacting Technical Support; WYNN 6 OCR Enhancement; FSCast Features PLEXTALK Pocket and PRS Pro

@Freedom Scientific, May/June 2011
Feature Articles: PLEXTALK Pocket, the World’s Most Powerful Portable DAISY Player and Recorder, Now Available from Freedom Scientific; Freedom Scientific at the Annual NFB and ACB Conventions; WYNN 6.0 Combined with PEARL Hits the Mark; New Training Webinars and Workshops; FSCast Features JAWS 12 Update 1, FS Presentations, and Judy Redlich, Blind Talk Radio Host

@Freedom Scientific, March/April 2011
Feature Articles: TOPAZ Line Gets New Look and Breakthrough Capabilities; JAWS 12 Update 1 is Available; New Lower Price for the RUBY; JAWS Certification Program Announced; New Training Webinars and Workshops; A School Where All Students Have WYNN; FSCast Features the MAGic Large Print Keyboard

@Freedom Scientific, January/February 2011
Feature Articles: New MAGic Large Print Keyboard; CSUN 2011; OpenBook 9 Update; Spanish Version of SARA; WYNN 6 Announced; How to Make PowerPoint Presentations Easier to Read with JAWS; News from the Training Department; TOPAZ a Dream Come True for Pittsburgh Senior; FSCast Demonstrates JAWS with iTunes

@Freedom Scientific, November/December 2010
Feature Articles: The new SARA CE; JAWS 11 and 12 Updates; Join Freedom Scientific at the ATIA Conference in Orlando; New Webinars and Training Courses for 2011; WYNN and Universal Design for Learning; FSCast Demonstrates the SARA CE and discusses localization

@Freedom Scientific, September/October 2010
Feature Articles: JAWS 12 is Released; MAGIC 11 FREE Update Brings First True Dual-Monitor Support to Screen Magnification Software; PAC Mate Omni Gets a New Lower Price and a FREE Update 6.5; New Lower Price for the RUBY Handheld Video Magnifier; Freedom Scientific Sessions at ATIA Chicago; Technical Support’s Automatic Callback Feature; WYNNing Can Make a Difference; FSCast Demonstrates PAC Mate 6.5, Focus 40 Blue with iPhone

@Freedom Scientific, July/August 2010
Feature Articles: PEARL and OpenBook 9 Now Shipping; JAWS 11 Free Update Released in August; PAC Mate 6.5 Announced; JAWS 12 Public Beta Coming in September; New Free Webinars for JAWS 12 and PAC Mate Omni; Hands-on Workshops in Saint Petersburg for the Fourth Quarter; WYNN is Centerpiece to Australia’s Write to Read Project; FSCast Talks to a Totally Blind Doctor; JAWS 12 Preview

@Freedom Scientific, May/June 2010
Feature Articles: Freedom Scientific Reduces Price of MAGic Screen Magnification Software by $100; Freedom Scientific’s PEARL Portable Reading Solution at Special Introductory Price; New Widescreen ONYX Deskset XL Portable Video Magnifier Now Shipping; Free Update for All JAWS 11 Users; Join Freedom Scientific at the NFB and ACB Conventions; 2010 Braille Challenge a Huge Success; From the Training Department: Hands-on Workshops in Saint Petersburg for the Third Quarter;Announcing the WYNN Lesson Plan Portfolio

@Freedom Scientific, February/March 2010
Feature Articles: America’s Last World War I Veteran Turns 109; New Additions to the TOPAZ Product Line; New Lower Price for the RUBY® Handheld Video Magnifier; Freedom Scientific Reduces Price of Focus 40 Blue Braille Display by 38 percent to Support Drive for Braille Literacy; Join Freedom Scientific at the 2010 CSUN Conference; Save Money in Freedom Scientific’s Online Store; From the Training Department: Script Writing Workshops in St. Petersburg Begin Again for 2010 ; From the Technical Support Department: Application Specific Voice Settings; February FSCast Features Updates from T and T Consultancy, Creating iTunes Account

@Freedom Scientific, December 2009/January 2010
Feature Articles: Update to JAWS 11 Now Available; Free SARA 9.0 Upgrade Adds USB Support; Join Freedom Scientific at ATIA Orlando 2010; Freedom Scientific’s Secure and Compatible Braille Display Initiative; Using WYNN with Windows 7; From the Training Department: Harness Your Product's Power; JSET Research Finds Increased Test Scores Using WYNN; From the Technical Support Department: Research It; December FSCast Features Jonathan Mosen

@Freedom Scientific, July/August 2009
Feature Articles: The RUBY™ Handheld Video Magnifier now Shipping; Focus 40 Blue Braille Display Now Shipping; StreetTalk VIP Hits the Streets; Freedom Scientific Congratulates the 2009 Braille Challenge Winners; Freedom Scientific Announces Free DAISY Reader; Freedom Scientific Learning Systems Group & Michigan State University Receive OSEP Grant; Free Webinars from the Training Department in August and September; August FSCast Previews JAWS 11

@Freedom Scientific, April/May 2009
Feature Articles: Freedom Scientific at the NFB and ACB Conventions; MAGic 11 Updates; StreetTalk™ VIP Preview; T&T Consultancy Releases Say-MAGic; From the Technical Support: More JAWS Secrets; Freedom Scientific Webinars are a Big Hit; Glen Gordon Presents Free ARIA Webinar; WYNNing at Australia's University of Ballarat; FSCast Highlights MAGic 11, Say-MAGic, and JAWS with Skype 4.0

@Freedom Scientific, February/March 2009
Feature Articles: Freedom Scientific Sessions and Daily Drawings for Products at the 2009 CSUN Conference; Updates for JAWS 10 and MAGic 11; 64-bit versions of JAWS, MAGic and Openbook; Certificates of Completion and CEUs for Paid Webinars; Bookshare Updates; From the Technical Support: Using Heading Levels with JAWS 10; FSCast Highlights AOL Accessibility.

@Freedom Scientific, December/January 2009
Feature Articles: Freedom Scientific Sessions and Daily Drawings for Products at the 2009 ATIA Conference; JAWS 10 is Now Available for 64-bit Versions of Windows Vista and Server 2008; MAGic and OpenBook 64-bit Versions Scheduled to Release End of January; SAPPHIRE Now in Two New Colors; PAC Mate Maintenance Update 6.2 Posted for Download; New from the Training Department in 2009: Webinars and Free Software; New Tutorial Videos Available for WYNN Software; Subscribe to FSCast for Breaking News and Features.

@Freedom Scientific, October/November 2008
Feature Articles: Introducing the SAPPHIRE handheld video magnifier; JAWS 10 adds remote assistance and easier Web navigation; what users are saying about JAWS Tandem; creating accessible forms in Microsoft Word ; computers and WYNN for full-time students; Vision Awareness Days; FSCast Episodes spotlight the SAPPHIRE, JAWS-scripted tools, JAWS 10, and JAWS Tandem.

@Freedom Scientific, July/August 2008
Feature Articles: Joining Forces with JAWS®; PAC Mate Omni™ 6.1 Has Arrived; Put to the Test, ONYX™ Excels; New Deaf-blind Accessibility Options; Sharing a WYNNing Attitude; FSCast - Your News and Information Source; New Workshops from The Training Department; PAC Mate Omni Training Books; Taking Command with PAC Mate Omni

@Freedom Scientific, May/June 2008
Feature Articles: Freedom Scientific Sponsors the NFB and ACB National Conventions; Coming Soon: The Feature-Packed SARA™ 9.0; The ONYX™ Deskset – Now Even More Versatile; Step Up/Trade Up to the PAC Mate Omni™; Everyone Can WYNN™; Reconditioned Products at Bargain Prices; News You Can Use – Delivered Via FSCast; Upcoming Opportunities for JAWS® and MAGic® Training; Ask Tech Support: Scheduling meetings and appointments in Outlook with JAWS

@Freedom Scientific, March/April 2008
Feature Articles: Dr. Dennis Shulman, a JAWS® Rensissance Man; Large Monitor TOPAZ™ and ONYX™ video magnifiers for low vision; Unveiling our New Accessiblity-enhanced Web site; OpenBook™ scanning and reading software and MAGic®; computer screen magnification software Now for Vista™; Get a Free Trial of MAGic 11.0; JAWS and MAGic Handshaking; WYNN™ Literacy Software Training for Teachers; Braille Study Mode in JAWS; FSCast Features CSUN sessions

@Freedom Scientific, November/December 2007
Feature Articles: PAC Mate Omni Shipping; Blind Golf Champion Nancy Stevens; JAWS 9.0 Delivers; Braille Literacy Competition; Professor Realizes Success with WYNN; FSCast News; Training Department: RSS Feeds

@Freedom Scientific, September/October 2007
Feature Articles: Freedom Scientific Links Up with the US Blind Golf Association; MAGic Screen Magnification Paves the Way for Success at AirTran Airways; New Versions of MAGic and OpenBook Scanning and Reading Software Are on the Way ; Another Free Utility for the PAC Mate™ Pocket PC — The Accessible Amortization Calendar; Leveling the Schoolyard Playing Field with WYNN Literacy Software; A Powerful Trio of Functions: Present, Learn, and Be Entertained with Your PAC Mate; FSCast — All the News That's Important to YOU; Still Have Your Optacon? We have Your Manuals; From the Training Department: Training Sessions in Your Location; Vision Awareness Takes to the Road; Featured Deals! Check Out "What's on Sale"