Return Material
Authorization Form

This form can be used to submit a request to Freedom Scientific for an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number, and applies to all Freedom Scientific hardware products.

An RMA number will be provided to you within one business day from the time the request has been received and processed. We provide you the RMA number via e-mail. Please make sure to enter a valid e-mail address in the E-mail Address field below.

Once your unit is received by Freedom Scientific, you will be contacted with the repair costs if your unit is not under warranty or PMA coverage.

Flat Rate and Time and Materials Definitions

Flat Rate repair covers fixing any problems with the unit that develop from normal wear and tear, repairing and/or replacing defective parts when necessary, and modifying hardware and/or software when required. **This does not include replacing Braille cells on display units.
Click here for Flat Rate repair costs in a separate window.

Time and Material repair is required when the unit is damaged through neglect. Examples of neglect include, but are not limited to: damage caused by dropping the unit; damage from fire, water, or natural disaster; and mistreatment from tampering with the unit for any reason. Time and Material repair will not be less than the Flat Rate repair.

If your unit is covered under the manufacturer's warranty or a Product Maintenance Agreement (PMA), the following applies:

Hardware Product Maintenance Agreements (PMA) offer hardware owners an annual contract entitling them to receive software updates and unit repairs, including parts and labor, for twelve months. The customer pays only for shipping their unit to Freedom Scientific in Florida. The PMA service contract does not cover repairs resulting from the misuse or abuse of the covered unit. PMA prices and services vary depending on the hardware unit. Please review the product-specific pricing for more information or call Freedom Scientific.

All fields listed with an asterisk (*) in front are required. Please submit one form for each individual unit.

Return Material Authorization Form

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