Bulletin Type: TSN

Bulletin Number: 65548

Date Posted: 2/8/2012

Product Name: JAWS

Version: 13.0

Category: Video

Short Description:

Multiple instances of the FS Mirror Driver listed in Windows Device Manager.


If you have installed more than one version of JAWS 13.0, you may find multiple instances of the Freedom Scientific Mirror Driver listed in your Windows Device Manager. This affects Win 7 systems if you updated to a newer 13.0 version while JAWS was running, at which time the existing mirror driver was being used. This problem does not affect versions of 13.0 available February 8, 2012 or thereafter.


This does not critically affect JAWS 13.0 performance, but if affected, it is recommended that you do clean out multiple drivers as follows:

  1. Download a zipped file for a cleaning applet created by Freedom Scientific:
  2. Unzip the folder into a known temporary location of your choice. The zip file contains both a 32 bit (x86) and 64 bit (x64) Version of the 'FSVidCleanup' utility.
  3. Open the folder which corresponds to the bit-type for your computer.
    Note: You can find out your system's bit rate by pressing WINDOWS KEY+PAUSE button, and looking at the line that indicates "System Type".
  4. Run the executable on your system. This will remove multiple Freedom Scientific FSVIDMIR driver entries.
  5. Follow the final prompt to reboot.

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