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JAWS for Windows

Welcome to the exciting new JAWS for Windows 5.0 release.

If you already have JAWS for Windows 5.0 installed on your machine prior to March 2004, and you are interested in the details and download of the latest Update for JAWS 5 you can skip now directly to the 5.0 Update details.

This release of JAWS 5.0 still uses the existing Quella Authorization Scheme. The new Internet Based solution is still being worked on and information regarding
its implementation and availability will be announced in the coming months. We are still committed to the internet based solution but we must be certain
that a smooth transition will happen and our testing is not complete.

Note that installing JAWS for Windows software on any computers running other Access Technology products, should be done at your own risk.

JAWS 5.0 is a DCM compatible release and you should consult other manufactures of Screen Readers or Magnification Products regarding their DCM status before
installing on the same machines that run Windows NT4/W2K/XP specifically. The only exceptions to this would be previous versions of JAWS for Windows and
Connect Outloud as well as updated versions of MAGic 8.02 or later versions of MAGic including 9.0.

The MAGic 8.02 update is found at:

Note that if you had installed the February 2004 JAWS 5.0 Update (version 5.00.812), we recommend that you now update to the March 2004 update (version 5.00.844 or later). We discovered some stability issues between JAWS and other DCM products manufactured by the other A T vendors. In some cases there were stability issues which have since been resolved. We appoligize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The MAGic update is called "MAGic 8.02 Patch required to run with JAWS 5.0."

If you have script files you have created and used in earlier versions of JAWS, you will need to recompile them in JAWS 5. The JAWS Merge Utility is currently not available in this release. We plan on returning this feature in future releases. Sorry for the inconvenience.

For Focus Braille Display users: The drivers for the Freedom Scientific Focus Braille Display have been updated from earlier versions of JAWS so that it now includes support for the PAC Mate Portable Braille Display. When installing JAWS 5, you will receive a message asking you to unplug the Focus Braille display so the driver can be updated. Please unplug the device and activate the OK button to continue the installation. After you complete the installation and start JAWS, reconnect your Focus display and complete the New Hardware Wizard. You can then restart JAWS and your Focus will work properly.

Features and Enhancements in JAWS 5.0 update

List of Authorized Serial Numbers

Download JAWS 5.0 update (34 MB)

Note, choose the following link only if you are authorized to use a dongle:

Download the Special JAWS 5.0 Dongle Required update (34 MB)

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