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JAWS for Windows Version 4.0 Features and Enhancements

Reading in Say All without Line Pauses:

JAWS 4.0 now includes Say All without pausing at the end of each line. The setting is included in the Configuration Manager under Text Processing. This setting is the new default and makes reading smoother by only pausing at punctuation while using Say All.

Rewind Feature:

For several years now, JAWS has provided a way to skip ahead during Say All. While this has been a great feature, we have had many requests to provide a rewind also. The wait is over! During a Say All, INSERT+DOWN ARROW, you can now skip forward by line with the RIGHT SHIFT and then skip back just as easily with the LEFT SHIFT. Tap the SHIFT key 5 or 6 times and jump back 5 or 6 lines without interrupting the reading. Set your Text Processing to Sentence or Paragraph and the SHIFT key will move you forward or back by those increments as well. Not only does JAWS let you increase or decrease your speech rate on the fly while reading, it is the first screen reader to let you Fast Forward or Rewind in all applications.

Updated User Interface:

The JAWS Interface has been updated with user friendly changes. There is a new Menu called Options, which replaces File and Voices. In the Options menu, you will find dialog choices including Basics, Voices, Braille Options, and the Exit choice.

The Basics Dialog contains the new Tutor and Access:

Keys options. See below for further information on these new exciting features. As in any of the JAWS dialogs, just a quick tour through the dialog and INSERT+F1 can provide you a quick overview of what it's is for and how it works.

INSERT+F1 Messages now on Screen:

Since the first release of JAWS, Trainers and users alike have praised the INSERT+F1 help. No matter where you are, simply ask JAWS for help and it speaks a message. Now in 4.0, JAWS presents this message on screen for easy and detailed review with both Speech and Braille.

When you finish reading a message, choose the link in the message to review the list of JAWS hot keys on screen. Press ESC at anytime to dismiss the help messages and continue where you left off. Trainers, users, and now even sighted users trying to learn JAWS and Windows from the keyboard will love this feature. This new Virtual Viewer used with INSERT+F1 is fantastic in Excel where Charts and other objects are brought to life on the screen for both Speech and Braille users.

Personal Tutor while Learning Windows:

JAWS now offers Tutor mode to provide Keystrokes and quick navigation tips as you move through Windows applications. On by default, the Tutor is found in the new Basics Dialog. When you are comfortable with basic navigation commands, turn it off or set it to custom messages only and hear just the messages you or your trainer provided for extra help in a particular application. See Prompt Creator/Modifier for information on Creating Custom Tutor Messages.

Access Key Announcement:

Now as you move through Windows and your favorite programs, you will be learning the access keys that help you quickly navigate and activate the controls and menus. You can specify to hear all access keys, or choose to hear them in either menus or Dialog boxes only. Determine the level of Access Keys you wish to hear in the new Basics Dialog.

If you have turned off your Tutor or Access Keys, then need just a quick review in a menu or dialog, press INSERT+TAB. You will get a review of the information where you are located and JAWS will tell you Tutor messages and Access Keys that apply in that location.

All Voice Options in Two Dialogs:

Now in the Options Menu, you will find a dialog to make global adjustments to all voices or a separate dialog where you make all the individual voice adjustments. You will find an apply button in the individual voices dialog so you can modify one voice after another without having to revisit the menus.

All new HTML Help:

The JAWS help system is now moved into the modern day of HTML. Easy to navigate and reads like a web page in Internet Explorer. Go to Help Topics and give it a try. There are even complete glossary and Index options that are really helpful for those trainers and new comers who don't have time to read everything. JAWS 4.0 is setting a new standard for online Help!

Adjusting Verbosity Settings Got Easier:

In JAWS 4.0, the INSERT+V dialog now tells you the state of each item as you move through the list of application specific settings. Press SPACEBAR to switch states as always and then just press ENTER to return to your application.

Switching Synthesizers on the Fly:

If you have more than one synthesizer, JAWS 4.0 now let's you pop up a list box using CTRL+INSERT+S that contains all the Synthesizers you installed. Arrow through the list and press ENTER and it continues with your new synthesizer without missing a beat.

Announces Number of Items in Current Tree View level:

As you move through Tree Views such as Windows Explorer, Windows Help, or your favorite Email package, JAWS 4.0 automatically announces the number of items found in the newly opened folder or book. As you navigate up and down in the tree view, you will always be kept informed of your position within the list!

Selecting Text More User Friendly:

Selecting text is much more intuitive. When you select or unselect by characters and words, it says selected after telling you the character or word. This makes it much quicker to select text and confirms what you have selected as you move within a line or sentence. On the other hand, if you are selecting by line, paragraph, or page, you will be reminded that you are selecting, and then hear the information that was selected. Either way you try it, you will find it faster and it will help avoid costly mistakes while editing.

Microsoft's Office XP support:

JAWS 4.0 now brings all the power and features to access Office 97 and 2000 to Office XP. You will also love the automatic Smart tag notification as you navigate a Word document and the ability to quickly access the Context menu of the Smart Tag with CTRL+SHIFT+S on the fly. Not sure where the Smart Tags are located? Try ALT+SHIFT+S for a list and then press ENTER to instantly jump to the location. Don't overlook this new Office Suite and the power of JAWS to meet the challenge.

Acrobat Reader 5 - Faster and Easier:

We are making continual improvements to Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 and in JAWS 4.0, it is now working much faster. You will find that PDF documents load 10 times faster than in JAWS 3.71. As you navigate forms in Adobe Acrobat Reader 5, you will find JAWS doing a very good job at reading the prompts and letting you fill in the information as if you were using an HTML form in Internet Explorer. If MSAA is built into the form, it can now be read using INSERT+TAB or you can choose to use MSAA by default in forms from the JAWS INSERT+V dialog. Don't miss the demonstration of this feature on the What's New Audio CD that ships with the JAWS 4.0 SMA packages.

Prompt Creator for Easier Customizing:

Anyone can now modify a control's prompt in speech and Braille. If JAWS does not recognize or find a prompt, or maybe it says the wrong thing, fix it on the fly without scripting.

Choose "Prompt Create" from the INSERT+F2 dialog or just press CTRL+INSERT+TAB. The Prompt Creator opens and you can type in a modified or new spoken prompt. Press ENTER and choose a different Braille prompt that takes up less room on your notetaker or Display. And if that is not enough, how about your own custom tutor message to help teach the user what to do! Never before has it been so quick and easy. Don't Miss the demonstration on the What's new Audio CD.

FRAME Viewer for Easier JAWS Customizing:

Frame Viewer is one of the most significant new features in JAWS 4.0. This tool is designed to help customize how JAWS reacts and works with various applications. While Scripting has become a valuable tool in customizing JAWS, its potential benefit has often been limited by the Scripting knowledge and skills of those attempting to do the customization work. With the introduction of Frame Viewer, we are confident that great numbers of individuals will quickly become experts at customizing JAWS for many situations in School, at home, and on the job.

Within Frame Viewer, frames are now visible on the screen. TAB between active frames, press the APPLICATIONS key to access the frame's properties and other features, or even drag the borders of the frame with a mouse. Regardless of the users skill in the use of JAWS, Frame Viewer will create opportunities for vast numbers of individuals to become experts at gaining access to poorly designed applications.

Braille Settings from the Main JAWS Window:

The New Braille Options dialog now lets users change port and parity settings or even add additional displays for JAWS. This new dialog also gives users a quick way to get into the advanced settings of the Configuration Manager to explore and set up further options mentioned below.

On the Fly Braille Settings:

Press CTRL+INSERT+B to open the Adjust Braille Options dialog. The most frequently used Braille options are all listed. Just move to a setting and press SPACEBAR to temporarily toggle the setting. Forgot the Braille Keystroke to Toggle a Braille Feature on or off? Now you will find all the items quickly and easily in a single list.

Define Structured Mode:

For years now, JAWS users with Braille Displays have benefited from information that JAWS has sent, depending on the application, and area within the application you are located in at any given moment. With the release of 4.0, you are given the opportunity to customize the information, along with the order of the information being sent to the display, for the first time, without opening a script file. Easily modify how a List box is represented, or how a Scroll Bar symbol is displayed. In programs such as Excel, you can now determine which information, and in what order, you would like it sent to your display. You can even determine how this will vary from one spreadsheet to the next. This feature let's you decide if the contents of the cell appear first, or if you see the column or row headings followed by cell contents and row total.

Braille Markings and Attributes Displayed:

JAWS 4.0 now offers you the opportunity to identify many attributes including colors that will be indicated with dots 7 and 8 as you navigate. What's really great in JAWS now is that you can find out which attributes are being displayed, no matter how many there might be at a particular location. For example, if you had text that was bold, underline, and italic and you set these attributes as marked in Braille, just switch to attribute display and have each attribute shown in rotation on your display.

New Power Point Support:

JAWS 4.0 is taking Power Point to a new level. Whether you are designing or presenting, JAWS is opening up new opportunities. During a Slide Show, press CTRL+SHIFT+N and read your presenters notes in Braille as the audience sees your slides. With a click of a cursor routing key on the display, draw the audiences attention to one of your bullet points with one of the Power Point Screen Pointers. Setting the standard, JAWS continues to provide access to the most popular tools being used in Schools and business today.

New Excel Support in Speech and Braille:

We have added many great new features that make Excel and JAWS even more powerful. Read the visible part of the current row with INSERT+UP ARROW, or read the visible part of the current column with CTRL+INSERT+UP ARROW. Read the part of the row to the left of the current cell, or the part of the row to the right of it. Read the part of the column above the current cell or the part of the column below it. And if you have row or column titles set, these are read as well. If you move to a monitor cell with CTRL+SHIFT+M, quickly move back to where you were at with CTRL+SHIFT+APOSTROPHE.

Why reconfigure settings for each spreadsheet? JAWS now provides a choice between exact or best match for the spreadsheet settings you use. So if you fill out an Excel report each week and all that changes in the title is the date, select best match from the INSERT+V verbosity dialog, and your settings for row and column titles and monitor cells are used each time.

JAWS 4.0 now provides several Braille modes in the Verbosity dialog to make Excel work for you. Display spreadsheet information as you always have, or switch to Row Mode and display up to nine cells in the current row around the current cell. Switch to Column Mode and view up to nine cells in the current column surrounding the current cell. This provides you information that is hard to beat with speech.

Most impressive of all is how Excel Charts and Graphs now come to life on a Braille Display for the first time with the JAWS INSERT+F1 and the new Virtual Viewer. While these objects are still considered totally inaccessible by all other screen readers, JAWS 4.0 users are communicating directly with these objects and accessing information beyond compare.

Smart Tags in Word XP:

Smart Tags make it easier for you to complete tasks with many steps to them. Just select the Smart Tag you need and Word does the rest. And JAWS is right there to provide you access to this exciting new feature.
Move your cursor over a Smart Tag and JAWS announces it. Press ALT+CTRL+S and a context menu with options specific to the Smart Tag is opened. Select the option you need and that's all there is to it. If you know there are Smart Tags in your document, but aren't sure just where they are at, just press ALT+SHIFT+S and they are all listed. Select the one you need and you are moved to it. Then press ALT+CTRL+S to open the context menu for the Smart Tag.

All New Laptop Keyboard Layout:

For years, JAWS has provided a command set optimized for use with Laptop systems. Now, we have taken this to a new level! JAWS 4.0 includes a full Laptop keyboard layout substituting the CAPS LOCK key in many commands that used to use the ALT key or INSERT. This makes it far easier to quickly access all JAWS features - without moving your hands off those typing keys. Even if you don't have a laptop, this keyboard layout may suit all your needs!

Completely New Basic Training Tapes:

As JAWS has grown and developed over the years, Freedom Scientific has continually provided the best in support for both current and new users of this exciting screen reader. With JAWS 4.0, the Basic Training Tapes have been totally rewritten and recorded. Learn about JAWS, Windows, and how to take advantage of the other types of help we provide to make your experiences with JAWS as useful as possible.

Finnish added to Eloquence:

Finnish now appears as one of the supported Eloquence languages.

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