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JAWS for Windows 4.02 Features and Enhancements

The JAWS 4.02 release provides enhancements to our Braille support and many other improvements for our JAWS 4.0/4.01 customers. JAWS 4.02 is a full version of JAWS, and is a free upgrade to all customers authorized to use JAWS 4.0/4.01. This version of JAWS installs into a JAWS402 folder on your computer. You do not need to uninstall previous versions of JAWS before installing JAWS 4.02.

Faster Braille:

In JAWS 4.02, Braille is much faster and more responsive to your commands.

Support for the all new Freedom Scientific Focus Braille Displays:

JAWS 4.02 provides robust support for the Focus 44, Focus 70, and Focus 84 refreshable Braille displays soon to be available from Freedom Scientific. The Focus Braille displays provide easy navigation with eight Braille keys, a SPACEBAR, LEFT and RIGHT SHIFT keys, two advance bars, two programmable function buttons, and cursor routing keys over each Braille cell. The Focus displays also include Whiz Wheels® at either end of the display for quick navigation in files, menus, and lists. The Focus displays provide variable Braille firmness, status cells on the left or right, and an all new quick read mode.

Focus commands are consistently based on JAWS and Windows commands. If you are familiar with JAWS and Windows keyboard commands, Focus commands are very easy to learn. If you become familiar with Focus commands, JAWS and Windows keyboard commands are also easy to learn. With new support for nine key input, a vast range of logical, easy to learn commands are assigned for use in JAWS, Windows, and your favorite applications.

Sticky Key Hot Key Toggle:

We have removed the Disable Sticky Key Hot key Toggle check box from the Windows System Parameters dialog in the JAWS Basic Settings dialog. If you wish to disable the Sticky keys option you can do so from the Windows Accessibility dialog in Control Panel.

Support for HTML Fieldset and Legend Elements:

JAWS now announces the HTML "Legend" element value when used in a "Fieldset" element. The "Fieldset" element is used to group form controls in the same way as a group box groups controls within a dialog box. The "Legend" element provides the label for the group of controls. The "Legend" is announced as you move to each form control within the "Fieldset" with TAB, SHIFT+TAB, or form control specific navigation commands such as CTRL+INSERT+TAB.

Improved HTML Heading Support:

JAWS now properly interacts with HTML headings when they contain links or graphics.

MSN Messenger Notifications:

MSN Messenger displays notification messages to indicate when a contact has signed on and to inform you when a new HotMail email message has been received. JAWS now reads these notifications when they appear - even if you are working in another application.

Performance Improved when using Automatically Start JAWS:

JAWS is now more responsive when Automatically Start JAWS is used within Windows NT, 2000 and XP.

Updated Support for Lotus Notes:

JAWS support for Lotus Notes has been enhanced, providing many improvements.

Word XP Spell Check:

JAWS now correctly reads the spelling of words containing apostrophes when in the Microsoft Word XP spell check dialog.

Spell Word Command:

The JAWS Spell Word command, INSERT+NUM PAD 5 pressed twice quickly, now correctly reads the spelling of words containing apostrophes.

Java Access Bridge:

JAWS support for the Java Access Bridge available from Sun Microsystems has been restored to the level previously available in JAWS 3.7. This was accidentally disabled in JAWS 4.0 and 4.01.

Outlook 2000/XP Message List:

The Say Line command, INSERT+UP ARROW, now indicates when a message in the Outlook 2000/XP message list is unread.

Outlook XP Attachments:

The command to list attachments in Outlook XP, INSERT+A, occasionally failed in JAWS 4.0 and 4.01. Now if the command fails the first time, you are prompted to retry and it will succeed on the second attempt.

Outlook Messages and Braille:

In Microsoft Outlook, JAWS now displays in Braille the unread status of a message.

Excel 97 Go To Command:

JAWS now correctly works with the Excel 97 Go To command, CTRL+G.

JAWS HTML Support:

We have enhanced JAWS support for HTML to ensure more consistent and accurate performance when reading web pages and interacting with form controls. Some of the improvements include:

· Improved reading of form control prompts, for example, the combo boxes at
· Improved handling of "Accesskey" attribute so an empty value does not cause a JAWS program error.
· Improved JAWS handling of invalid HTML code to prevent JAWS exiting without warning. This could be seen at
· JAWS now properly reads accented characters in English when they follow immediately after a link.

Exiting Security Dialog:

After exiting the security dialog in Windows NT, 2000, and XP, JAWS performance is now more consistent.

Logging off and Tree Views:

In Windows NT, 2000, and XP, after you log off and log in again while Automatically Start JAWS is used, JAWS now properly reads tree view controls.

Links List and Structured Mode:

JAWS now properly displays in Braille the contents of the Links List, INSERT+F7, with Structured mode while Automatically Start JAWS is used.

Braille Displays and Links List:

After a command from a Braille display is used to activate the JAWS Links list, the Braille display correctly updates when you move through the list of links.

Braille Structured Mode:

In Structured mode, JAWS now correctly shows the beginning of new lines of information when they are first displayed.

Braille Speech Box Mode:

When using Speech Box mode and displaying a message that spans several lines, JAWS now correctly displays the entire message.

Modify Braille Structured Mode:

JAWS now allows structured mode display names to be up to 32 characters.

Newer Braille Drivers:

We have updated the Handy Tech Braille driver, providing support for the Handy Tech Braille Star. And we have updated the Alva Braille driver, providing improved functionality.

Sluggishness and Frames:

We have optimized how JAWS processes frames to improve JAWS performance.

Frames and Network JAWS:

Frame Viewer now takes advantage of networking capabilities within JAWS.

Network JAWS:

We have corrected Network JAWS so all JAWS settings files are saved to the correct locations, and have made several other improvements.

Download JAWS for Windows 4.02

Features and Enhancements in JAWS 4.01

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