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New Features and Improvements in MAGic 8.02

Improved Performance
Bilingual User Interface
Driver Chain Manager (DCM)
Microsoft Office Toolbars
Support for GDI+ Applications
New Program Folder
Enhancements and Fixes for Windows XP Home/Pro, 2000, and NT
Enhancements and Fixes for all Windows Platforms

Improved Performance

MAGic has been enhanced to provide smoother performance when moving the mouse pointer or the magnified view. Mouse tracking is quicker and more responsive than ever. Your magnified view pans smoothly and easily, allowing you to quickly move around the screen.

"Simply put, the magnification is smoother than anything I have ever used. I recently downloaded your competitor's product and there is no comparison." - Don L. Tolle, MAGic user and owner of TrueTech Computing Solutions in Cincinnati, Ohio

"I have been using an editor for video to put together home videos. The editor program only allocated a small viewing area in one corner of the screen. MAGic successfully magnifies this streaming video area making viewing and editing with this program much more usable." - Mike Manning, MAGic user in Billings, Montana

Bilingual User Interface

You can now choose to display MAGic menus, help information, and dialog boxes in either English or Spanish. When you press MAGic Key+F11 to switch between English and Spanish speech, MAGic also switches the language of the user interface and help. To enable/disable this feature, choose Voices from the Speech menu. Then move to the Secondary Language tab and select or clear the Enable Bilingual Interface check box.

Driver Chain Manager (DCM)

Driver Chain Manager (DCM) is a set of library routines that allow multiple assistive technology aids (such as screen readers and screen magnifiers) to be installed on a single PC. MAGic 8.02 is DCM-enabled, which means that it can be installed on a PC with other DCM-enabled assistive technology aids without causing driver chaining problems.

You do not need to perform any special procedures to set up the DCM functionality. The latest version of the DCM library is automatically installed when you install or upgrade to MAGic version 8.02.

Microsoft Office Toolbars

MAGic now tracks and speaks toolbar buttons for Microsoft Office 2000 and XP applications. When you use your mouse or the keyboard to navigate or activate these toolbar buttons, MAGic reads the button title and adjusts the magnified view to display the button on your screen.

Support for GDI+ Applications

GDI+ is a new technique from Microsoft that draws images directly to the graphics card for faster image display, but it interferes with screen magnification. MAGic now works properly with applications that use GDI+ for displaying images, such as Microsoft Office XP applications.

New Program Folder

When you install MAGic 8.02, the installation program creates a new program folder called MAGic802. This allows you to have MAGic 8.02 installed on the same PC as MAGic 8.0/8.01.

Enhancements and Fixes for Windows XP Home/Pro, 2000 and NT

  • MAGic has been enhanced to provide smoother performance when moving the mouse pointer or the magnified view.
  • Speech interrupt has been improved to provide easy navigation of menus and lists.
  • MAGic properly tracks controls in PDF forms.
  • MAGic properly tracks form controls on web pages.
  • Visual synchronization has been improved when you read text using the MAGicKey+SPACEBAR command.
  • MAGic reads system tray items when you access them using the keyboard.
  • When you collapse a submenu in the Windows 2000 Start menu, MAGic adjusts the focus to display the parent menu.
  • MAGic now tracks individual buttons in the Windows taskbar.
  • Tracking of unavailable (i.e., grayed-out) menu items in Microsoft Office XP applications is now working.
  • Speech is more responsive when you navigate menus and lists using the arrow keys.
  • The viewing of streaming video in the magnified view has been greatly improved.
  • Two-color blending for title bars is now re-enabled when you quit MAGic.
  • Video Intercept installation errors have been fixed.

Enhancements and Fixes for all Windows Platforms

  • MAGic's overlay view no longer reverts to the default size and position after you change the view settings.
  • Internet Explorer no longer crashes or locks up when you visit specific sites which previously caused problems.
  • Word XP no longer crashes when you save a new document over an existing document.
  • Screen corruption will not occur when you run JAVA 2 applications.
  • Corrected an issue with JAWS not properly passing keystrokes to MAGic when they are run together.
  • MAGic's talking installation now supports international versions of Microsoft Windows.
  • The Authorization Manager and the Video Intercept Manager no longer display a language-specific .DLL error dialog box.
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