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Freedom Scientific Inc.
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Freedom Scientific releases JAWS® for Windows 5.0

(St. Petersburg, Florida October 9, 2003) – Freedom Scientific today announced that it has released the much-anticipated JAWS® for Windows 5.0 upgrade. JAWS 5.0, a revolutionary breakthrough in Windows screen reading technology, has been posted to the Freedom Scientific Web site. Shipping will begin prior to the end of October for all new orders and JAWS customers who have an SMA.

This new upgrade is stocked with new features and functions. Among the many key additions are PlaceMarkers and the Speech and Sounds Manager. Both user definable tools promise to create more professional and educational opportunities for JAWS users.

PlaceMarkers give JAWS users enhanced navigation of their favorite Web sites and documents that will utilize Freedom Scientific's Virtual Cursor Technology. Through a simple interface, users can add, name, navigate and remove permanent or temporary PlaceMarkers that can be passed from one user to another.

The new Speech and Sounds Manager is the first of its kind and gives users an opportunity to modify how contextual information is conveyed. Examples of this exciting advancement include setting JAWS to speak bolded text or quotes in a different voice or announce a meaningful message for italicized, colored and underlined text. JAWS users also can set a particular sound to indicate cursor focus, capitalization and indents.

"The Freedom Scientific JAWS team has been very busy during the past year and our customers are going to recognize it," said Eric Damery, Freedom Scientific Vice President of Software Product Management.

JAWS 5.0 builds on its reputation as the most advanced screen reader in the world. In addition to its major developments, JAWS 5.0 allows users to personalize settings for specific Web sites and switch languages on the fly. Now it's possible to review forms in a separate field just like JAWS users have been able to do with links and headings. Users will benefit even further with our complete overhaul of support for Accessible Java applications in JAWS 5.0.

For more information and a complete listing of what's new in JAWS 5.0, please visit

To reserve your copy of JAWS 5.0, contact your local dealer, or call the Freedom Scientific sales department at (800) 444-4443 or (727) 803-8000.

About Freedom Scientific

Freedom Scientific is the world's leading manufacturer of assistive technology products for those who are blind and vision impaired, and products for the special education and learning disability markets.

 JAWS 5.0 download page

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