What Causes Low Vision - and How Do I Cope?

Does low vision prevent you or someone you love from doing daily tasks and enjoying independent living? The most common causes of low vision issues that cannot be resolved with eyeglasses or ordinary magnifying glasses are Age-related Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy,and Cataracts. How and why these conditions occur are explored in the the booklet, Your Guide to Low Vision.

Despite these conditions, video magnifiers and scanning and reading devices can enable individuals with low vision to resume daily tasks that they struggle with or have even given up. Low vision aids come in various forms to suit the everyday needs of the individual.

Desktop Video Magnifiers

Video magnifiers like Freedom Scientific's TOPAZ® allow you to place books, documents, photos, instruction manuals, and even food containers on a moveable table under a high-powered camera that magnifies up to 77x, depending on the monitior size. The High Definition model delivers the sharpest, clearest image at even lower magnification, so more fits on the screen.

TOPAZ magnifying a child's school picture

Portable Video Magnifiers

Portable Video Magnifiers work with full-size PC or TV screens, and are portable enough to carry back and forth from home, school, and office. Freedom Scientific's ONYX® portable video magnifiers have a rotating camera that quickly moves from viewing a document to viewing a distant object like the white board, to viewing a mirror image of the user - all without losing focus.

ONYX magnifying a wall-projected PowerPoint

Handheld Video Magnifiers

Purse and pocket-size video magnifiers bring into focus price tags, menu items, bus route maps, and other items when you're away from home. They also travel nicely from room to room when you are at home. Freedom Scientific's RUBY® and SAPPHIRE® video magnifiers produce consistently high quality magnified images - and you can even take temporary snapshots of the small print on items stored on high shelves.

RUBY magnifying a newspaper stock listing