OpenBook 9 Downloads

Read Me First

OpenBook requires that you restart your computer during the installation process. To avoid problems, always download the OpenBook release to your computer first instead of running the executable from the Windows Download dialog box. The following briefly describes how to download and install an OpenBook release.

  1. Select the appropriate domestic or international OpenBook download link that appears on this page.
  2. When the dialog box opens, choose Save and select a location where you can easily find the downloaded executable file.
  3. Run the executable and follow the talking installer.

Demo Version of OpenBook

If you want to try a free, fully-functional demonstration version of OpenBook, select the link below in the Download Link section to install and use OpenBook in 40-minute Demo Mode. The software is fully functional for 30 days. There are several advantages to having one release. For example:

  • It eliminates the need to have a separate demo download file or demo CD.
  • You can take advantage of the Check for Updates feature in the Help menu to conveniently update demo software installed from a CD picked up at a show or downloaded from Freedom Scientific.

For more information about demo products, see Freedom Scientific Demo Software.

Download Link for Current OpenBook Release

FineReader Languages

Select the link below to install additional languages for the FineReader OCR engine. This is only necessary if you download and install OpenBook from the Freedom Scientific Web site. OpenBook must be installed prior to running the installer for the additional languages. Note that these languages are automatically installed when using the OpenBook program CD.

Note: If your corporate firewall prevents you from downloading files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), use the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) links instead.

International Downloads

Note: International versions, such as Italian, Norwegian, Russian, and so on, require international ILM authorization. Contact your OpenBook distributor for additional information and pricing.



Use the following links to locate an international OpenBook distributor:

Additional Documentation and Support Links

For downloads of earlier versions of OpenBook, visit the Additional OpenBook Downloads page.