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4.50 Firmware Update for Millennium and Type Lite

For 4.1 firmware users. Use the following link for more information: 4.50 Firmware Update

FREE WinDisk 3.5 Download

Note: WinDisk only operates on Freedom Scientific notetakers purchased after July 2000, or notetakers running an update after July 2000.

WinDisk is compatible with systems running Windows XP or earlier.

FREE Notetaker English Firmware Revision 4.00 Update
For use with the Braille Lite M20, M40 and Type Lite notetakers

(Please note that we are now using revision numbers instead of a date for this and future notetaker firmware updates.)

This free Notetaker Firmware Revision 4.00 Update maximizes the functionality and performance of your Freedom Scientific notetaker.

As in the June 2002 update, the feature allowing separation of the A and B sides of the notetaker is included in this current release. This will also allow the user to load different firmware versions in order to test a new update without changing both sides. As a professional and/or student, you can create and support two user profiles. For instance, you can configure printer parameters for your home printer on Bank A and configure printer parameters for your office printer on Bank B. Using the Chord-A or Chord-B on start-up determines the side used.

This new firmware update procedure updates both sides of the firmware at the same time automatically. During the update process, you will be prompted to press A to update Bank A, and B to update Bank B or C to automatically update both banks. This has changed since the June 2002 Update.

Update File Changes:

Macro Changes:

Miscellaneous Fixes:

Please access the self-extracting zip download link below for your model of notetaker. The applicable download should be opened on a PC then loaded onto the notetaker. Once downloaded, please access the Update text file, which will instruct you how to properly install the files. We recommend that you review all of the text document files prior to installing your files.

FREE WinPrint Download

WinPrint is a utility to allow users to print formatted files to a Windows Printer through their PC. You will no longer have to use a DOS based printer. Simply load the file on your PC with a .brl extension. It will open in WinPrint and print using the printer configuration on your PC. This feature is not part of the notetaker download links above, but can be downloaded by accessing the following: WinPrint Download. Then, access the WinPrint text file for information on installing.

FREE June 5, 2003 classic firmware for the following notetakers:

This firmware will make your unit compatible with the next version of WinDisk. This release includes QBACK.BNS and MB.BNS external programs as well as the reclaim program. In addition to these external programs, Freedom Scientific has included a variety of games.

Please select your model of notetaker for the correct download file:

FREE Nemeth Code Self-Study for
Freedom Scientific notetakers download