MAGic 12 Downloads

Use the links on this page to download the latest version of MAGic that is appropriate for your computer's operating system. For a list of new features available in this version of MAGic, see What's New in MAGic 12. For a list of system requirements, see MAGic System Requirements.

Read Me First

MAGic requires that you restart your computer during the installation process. To avoid problems, always download the MAGic release to your computer first instead of running the executable from the Windows Download dialog box. The following briefly describes how to download and install a MAGic release.

  1. Select the appropriate MAGic download link that appears on this page.
  2. When the dialog box opens, choose Save and select a location where you can easily find the downloaded executable file.
  3. Run the executable and follow the talking installer.

Demo Versions of MAGic

If you want to try a free, fully-functional demonstration version of MAGic, select any link below in the Download Links section to install and use MAGic in 40-minute demo mode. The software will run in this mode until you are ready to purchase a product license and upgrade to the released version. There are several advantages to having one release. For example:

  • It eliminates the need to have a separate demo download file or demo CD
  • Unlike previous demo software, you do not have to worry about the software expiring at a future date
  • Finally, you can take advantage of the Check for Updates feature in the Help menu to conveniently update demo software installed from a CD picked up at a show or downloaded months ago from Freedom Scientific

For more information about demo products, see Freedom Scientific Demo Software.

Current English MAGic Release

Note: If your corporate firewall prevents you from downloading files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), use the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) links instead.

Note: Extracting or copying the MAGic program files to your thumb drive may take up to five minutes if you have a USB 2.0 port and compatible USB 2.0 thumb drive. With USB 1.1 ports or USB 1.1 thumb drives, this process may take twice as long.

MAGic Large Print Keyboard Driver

The MAGic Large Print Keyboard driver is required to have full MAGic functionality when using the keyboard. Select the link below to download the driver.

Important: The MAGic Large Print Keyboard works with MAGic versions 11.0.4348 (32-bit), 11.0.4349 (64-bit), or later. You must upgrade your software if it is earlier than these releases. To verify your version of MAGic, select About MAGic from the Help menu in the MAGic user interface. Note that if the keyboard is already plugged in and you are using it without the enhanced MAGic functionality, reboot the computer after installing the driver. For more information, refer to the MAGic Large Print Keyboard Quick Start Guide.

Note: If you are running Windows XP, driver version 1.0.107 will be installed.

Archive of MAGic English Downloads

Go to the archive of MAGic Screen Magnification downloads page for earlier MAGic English releases.

International Downloads




Portuguese Brazilian

Use the following links to locate an international MAGic distributor.

Vocalizer Direct Voices for MAGic

MAGic 12, starting with release 12.0.4069, supports the Vocalizer Direct synthesizer from NuanceĀ® Communications. It offers high quality and responsive speech in more than 50 voices and 20 languages. Visit the Vocalizer Direct Voices Web page to listen to samples and download any of these voices.

RealSpeak Solo Direct Voices for MAGic

MAGic 11 or later supports the RealSpeak Solo Direct synthesizer from Nuance Communications. It consists of over 40 voices in more than 20 languages and is available for all licensed and demo versions. Visit the RealSpeak Solo Direct Voices Web page to listen to samples or download any of these voices.