Previous JAWS for Windows Downloads

Below are download links to previous JAWS versions which require either ILM or Quella 3.5 inch authorization. If you are using a hardware Dongle to authorize your JAWS License, please go to the Dongle Version download page. For previous thumb drive downloads, select Earlier Thumb Drive Releases.

Note: JAWS 8.0 and later does not support Windows 98 or Windows ME. If your computer runs either operating system, you should use JAWS version 7.X or earlier instead. JAWS 7.0 or later does not support Windows NT or Windows 95. If your computer runs under Windows NT or 95, you should use JAWS version 6.20 or earlier instead.

Note: If your corporate firewall prevents you from downloading files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), use the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) links instead.

Earlier JAWS Releases

Refer to the Previous Features and Enhancements Web page for more information about these releases.

Earlier Non-Tandem JAWS Releases

Earlier Thumb Drive Releases

Note: The video intercept driver is valid for English JAWS versions 9 through 15 and MAGic versions 11 and 12. If you are using a localized version, please consult with your distributor or support before installing.

32-bit downloads:

64-bit downloads:

Earlier Demo Release

Older JAWS Releases

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