Focus Blue Braille Display Driver Downloads

Use the links on this page to download drivers for your Focus 14 Blue, Focus 40 Blue, or Focus 80 Blue refreshable braille display. For more information on using the Focus Blue, visit the Braille Displays Documentation page.

Downloading and Installing the Focus Blue Display Drivers

Download the file below to obtain the appropriate Focus 14 Blue, Focus 40 Blue, and Focus 80 Blue drivers. This file contains both the Windows driver and the driver for the Talks screen reader for Symbian-based mobile devices.

Do the following to download and install the Focus 14 Blue, Focus 40 Blue, and Focus 80 Blue display drivers:

  1. Select the download link that appears at the end of this procedure.
  2. When the dialog box opens, choose Save. When the Save as dialog box opens, make sure to save the FocusBlueDriver1.0.2028.exe file on the Desktop.
  3. Locate the file and run it. You are asked where you want to extract the contents of the file. Press ENTER to use the default location. A folder called FocusBlueDriver1.0.2028 is created on the desktop. This folder contains the entire contents of the Focus Blue Companion CD.
  4. Open this folder and press ENTER on setup.exe.
  5. When prompted to select the installer language, use the ARROW keys to select a language then choose the Select Language button.
  6. When the Freedom Scientific Focus Setup dialog box opens, do one of the following:
  • Choose the Install Windows driver button to begin the installation on your computer, or,
  • Choose the Install Talks Driver button if you wish to use the Focus display with a Symbian-based cell phone running the Talks screen reader. Make sure your computer is running the Nokia PC Suite software and your phone is connected before continuing, or,
  • Choose the Documentation button to open the folder containing the Focus Blue User Guides as well as the Talks instructions.

Select the following link to download the driver:

Focus Blue drivers - version 1.0.2028 (38.3 MB)