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  1. The FSReader User Interface
  2. Opening a File in FSReader
  3. Exploring the Menus
  4. Reading RFB&D Books
  5. Other DAISY Books

Freedom Scientific's basic training materials are now in a digital format called DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) or DTB (Digital Talking Books). Because this training is in digital (or electronic) format, navigation between sections of a book or other digital documents is much easier than using audio cassettes. In previous JAWS basic training, you had to press the fast forward or rewind keys until you heard an audible "beep" which lets you know you were at the beginning of the next section. With DAISY, navigation is much quicker.

There are many kinds of DAISY books, ranging from audio only, like the books available from RFB&D, to text only, such as the books available from Bookshare.org. Full text and full audio offers the fullest and richest reading experience.

Beginning with version 6.5, FSReader is built directly into PAC Mate Omni. It is no longer necessary to install a separate application in order to access DAISY material. To launch FSReader, open the Programs menu (WINDOWS Key, P), navigate to FSReader, and press ENTER.

The FSReader User Interface

The FSReader user interface has a title bar, a menu bar, and two panes. The top pane is a tree view for navigation, and the bottom pane contains the text of the book, if there is text available. In the tree view, you can navigate up and down the tree by using the UP and DOWN ARROW keys. To expand a chapter or topic, press RIGHT ARROW and to close a chapter or topic, press LEFT ARROW. To begin reading when there is text available, press TAB to move to the document pane and use the standard JAWS reading commands. To play narrated audio if it is available, press CTRL+P. You can press CTRL+P again to pause the audio if there is audio available.

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Opening a File in FSReader

To open a file in FSReader, press CTRL+O or choose Open from the FSReader File menu. FSReader searches through all the files on all storage media attached to your PAC Mate, including CompactFlash and USB storage, as well as internal Flash memory. It then displays the titles of any DAISY books that it finds. This feature makes it easy to select the book you want to read without searching through the many individual files that comprise a typical DAISY book. To open a book, use the ARROW keys to select it from the list and press ENTER.

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Exploring the Menus

File Menu

The File menu allows you to open a file or exit the program, as well as view a history of the last five books opened. Number one in the list is the most recently opened book.

There is also an item in the File menu called "Add UAK." UAK stands for User Authorization Key. A user authorization key is what allows content providers to protect their materials, and select which individuals have access to it. In order to access protected content, you must have an authorization key. The content provider issues this key. To authorize FSReader to play the protected materials, choose "Add UAK..." from the file menu. The file open dialog box appears. Select the UAK file given to you by the distributor of the book and open it. From there, follow the on screen instructions. You may be asked to enter a validation code. This code will have been provided to you by the producer of the UAK file. Once the UAK file has been successfully processed, FSReader will be able to read the protected book.

Audio Menu

The Audio menu contains the following commands that allow you to control the playback of audio content:

Navigation Menu

The Navigation menu provides the following commands for setting and moving to bookmarks, jumping to other pages, and searching text:

Help Menu

This menu allows you to view which version of FSReader you are using as well as open the Getting Started with FSReader DAISY book.

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Reading RFB&D Books

Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic offers a broad range of DAISY books for pleasure and education. You can read these books with FSReader if you are a member of RFB&D and have a UAK. UAK stands for User Authorization Key. Contact RFB&D at 1-800-221-4792 for a UAK and you will receive a CD with an application that, when run, will authorize FSReader to read the RFB&D books. Once FSReader is authorized to read RFB&D content, you can open the book from the File menu. If you have an older RFB&D book that you wish to open, you will be prompted to enter a pin code before the book will open. You should have received this code from RFB&D when you received the book.

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Other DAISY Books

Some DAISY books are available in both text and audio versions. These books offer the fullest and richest reading experience. To store audio books it is strongly recommended that you do so on external media, such as CompactFlash or USB storage.

Links to DAISY books from Freedom Scientific can be found on the Freedom Scientific Web site at the Training Downloads page.