PAC Mate and PAC Mate Omni Training from Freedom Scientific

Whether you are a beginner or a power user, this page is full of information designed to improve your experience with the PAC Mate™ and PAC Mate Omni™. For more information on the PAC Mate, visit Freedom Scientific's PAC Mate Headquarters. You can also visit, a Web site created for and by PAC Mate users.


Both PAC Mate models and braille display

PAC Mate Omni Training in DAISY Text and Audio Format Available

DAISY training books for the PAC Mate Omni are available for download. These DAISY books are in both text and narrated audio format. For those who just want to hear the audio, the MP3 files are being made available separately from the DAISY books. Go to the PAC Mate training downloads section of the training downloads page to find these and other great training files.

DAISY Books for PAC Mate

FSReader Getting Started is a DAISY book that teaches you how to use FSReader DAISY reader on the PAC Mate. Visit the PAC Mate DAISY files section on the training downloads page to download your copy today!

PAC Mate BX and QX Model Basic Training Audio Downloads

Listen to these audio files and learn how to use PAC Mate.

NOTE: These modules are for PAC Mate Versions 4.0 and 4.1. Select the following link for training for earlier PAC Mate versions.

Audio modules for Help, FSEdit, and Sound, Voice, and Verbosity Settings have been updated. You also can download earlier versions of these modules. New files also have been added for Sprite Backup (Installation, Authorization, Configuration, and Scheduled Backup), the Braille Settings Dialog, and Infrared Beaming.

Choose one of the two links below for either BX or QX training:

Image of Pocket PC Start Menu

Detailed Lists of PAC Mate BX and QX Keystrokes

Locate that elusive keystroke with these convenient PAC Mate keystroke lists. These comprehensive lists cover all PAC Mate BX and QX functions including general commands available anywhere in PAC Mate to application specific keystrokes. Visit the miscellaneous training files section for PAC Mate on the training downloads page to get a list of PAC Mate Keystrokes for the BX and QX.


Freedom Scientific provides a Basics of Scripting Manual you can download. With this guide, learn more about writing scripts for Freedom Scientific products, including the PAC Mate.

Freedom Scientific Developer Network

The Freedom Scientific Developer Network (FSDN) contains a list of all the script functions that are built into JAWS, MAGic, and PAC Mate including the latest PAC Mate features and several popular Pocket PC applications developed by and for Freedom Scientific. You may want to read through the Basics of Scripting Manual before tackling the FSDN.

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