MAGic Training from Freedom Scientific

MAGic® screen magnification software is our state-of-the-art tool that combines magnification with a true low vision speech option. It is easy to use and includes many versatile, powerful features. Freedom Scientific provides many types of training for MAGic, including basic training in text and narrated audio DAISY format, as well as just MP3 files. In our training workshops we also encourage people to use JAWS and MAGic simultaneously since both products work very well together.

MAGic user interface - Visual tab

What's New for MAGic 12

The What's New for MAGic 12 is available in both DAISY and MP3 formats. Listen as Dusty Voorhees, Senior Product Manager, discusses the new MAGic user interface, HD text, Speech On Demand™, improved visual, mouse, cursor, and focus enhancements, Skim Reading, Research It, navigation quick keys, and more. Visit the DAISY Books for MAGic section on the training downloads page to download your copy of the What's New for MAGic 12 today.

Basic Training for MAGic 12 in DAISY Format

The Basic Training for MAGic 12 was completely redone and recorded in Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. These lessons are in both text and audio and help you get up and running with MAGic quickly and efficiently. This DAISY book contains over four hours of comprehensive training for all the essential functions of MAGic, including practice files you can use to follow along. You'll learn everything you need to know to get started quickly with MAGic and how to make use of its extensive set of features. Visit the DAISY Books for MAGic section on the training downloads page to download your copy of the MAGic 12 Basic Training.

Basic Training for MAGic 12 in MP3 Format

These files are in MP3 format and are packaged in ZIP form. Download and extract them to the folder of your choice on your computer. The audio files were extracted from our MAGic 12 Basic Training DAISY books for those of you who wish to listen to them in an alternate format. For example, you could put them on a portable MP3 player, or perhaps burn them to a CD for easy listening. Click this link to go to the MAGic MP3 files section on the training downloads page. If you want the whole text and any associated practice files (where available), please choose the MAGic DAISY books link above to go to the correct section of the training downloads page.

Keystrokes for MAGic Updated

The MAGic Keystrokes Web page has been updated. It contains a list of all the keystrokes for MAGic in one HTML page. Use the MAGic list of headings to move to the keystroke section you want, or use the Find command to search through the entire document to search for different items.

MAGic Demo

Download the MAGic demo or JAWS demo from our Web site, or contact your local dealer or the Freedom Scientific Sales team.


Freedom Scientific provides a Basics of Scripting Manual you can download. With this guide, learn more about writing scripts for Freedom Scientific products, including MAGic Professional.

Freedom Scientific Developer Network

The Freedom Scientific Developer Network (FSDN) contains a list of all the script functions that are built into JAWS, MAGic, and PAC Mate.

Archives of Prior Versions of Training Materials

The training archives contain older material, but you may still find them useful. For the most recent materials, please check the DAISY and MP3 materials on the training downloads page.

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