Desktop Video Magnifier

Simple to Use, Yet Packed with Features. Just flip the switch to turn on the TOPAZ, and three dials are all you need for your basic video magnification functions - increase and decrease magnification, step through the enhanced color modes, and adjust brightness.

Topaz Desktop Video Magnifier.


  • Magnification to 77 times (on a 24-inch monitor)
  • Choice of monitor sizes: 17-inch, or widescreen 20-inch, 22-inch, or 24-inch
  • Auto-focus camera
  • Accurate colors and even illumination with no glare to minimize fatigue
  • 33 screen color modes including high-contrast full color, true-color, and grayscale to fit your viewing needs
  • Over 8 inches of working space to write and work comfortably
  • Unique can and bottle holder holds round objects steady
  • Extra-wide reading table to smoothly glide large books and objects under the camera

Other Helpful Features

  • Adjustable monitor can be raised or lowered, tilted forward or back, or turned 90 degrees to the right or left
  • Freeze Frame to stop movement for close inspection of small objects or to keep your place
  • Focus Lock to maintain focus while writing
  • Find feature to quickly zoom out, find your place, and zoom back in to read