LOW VISION SOLUTIONS: ONYX® Swing-arm and Flexible-arm

Portable Video Magnifiers

The ONYX Portable Video Magnifier comes in two models to fit your lifestyle. The Onyx Swing-arm has a base with a rotating arm and a camera that can be aimed in any direction. The ONYX Flexible-arm camera can be raised, lowered, and extended to accommodate three-dimensional projects. Both models can be connected to a computer monitor or TV to suit your reading needs.

ONYX magnifying map.


  • Magnification up to 100 times the original size, depending on monitor
  • Three-in-one flexible camera with distance, document, and self views:
    • In distance view, even objects from across large rooms or auditoriums can be seen in sharp focus
    • Document view gives you the ability to magnify items such as reading materials, daily business tasks, classroom assignments, product labels, and craft projects
    • With self view, you get a magnified true mirror image close up
  • Automatically remembers your last working settings in every view
  • Choose from Swing-arm or Flexible-arm models
  • Turns your TV or VGA monitor into a video magnifier
  • Read what you want, where you want with camera rotation in all three directions
  • Four selectable color modes: color, inverse color, enhanced black on white, and enhanced white on black
  • Ample working space under the camera provides room to work on objects with your hands and tools

Productivity Features

  • Freeze Frame allows you to freeze the image on the screen for close inspection of small objects or to keep your place
  • Focus Lock keeps the camera focused on the page while writing
  • Keep your place easily with the adjustable Reading Lines and Masks
  • Quickly zoom out to easily find your place and zoom back in to read using the Find feature
  • Unique RF remote control